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Are you ready for a one-stop art portal that can access every type of art, from the visual arts like painting and sculpture, to music and literature? A portal that covers every phase of what's involved to create and deliver art to people, from supply and equipment vendors, through the artists and performers themselves, to galleries, venues and publishers? And books, tutors and schools? And...and...and...?


Where's Articulate Management? is an original web address; we had registered it as an abbreviated web name for our executive consulting firm back in 1994. At that time, short was considered better. Today, clarity is more important. So we've re-addressed our consulting site to its full name, and re-tasked to... Art, of course!

Many visitors had asked that the Art Man concept be used in the art world rather than for a business. Now that Articulate Management owns its own full-name domain, we are able to respond: is now being recast as an access portal for all things Art!

Inventing the Future

As the concept and website develop, you will find more and more art forms and genres represented. We intend to promote direct connectivity between web users and every phase of the art world, from suppliers to galleries, music labels to publishers, and the artists themselves. We plan to offer a classified ads section, and a ridiculously inexpensive geographically-oriented advertiser function where local shops, venues and artists will be able to advertise by location.

Thank you for visiting!

We hope you'll join us in this grand adventure. Find the art, music, literature and services you are looking for. Join discussion groups and fan pages. And when our feedback form goes online, use it to tell us what else you would like to see here!


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